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My name is Maddy and I started Coastline Yoga in 2019 to build a community in which we can share in the transformative practice of yoga. My yoga practice is so special to me and I receive so much joy and fulfilment when I share it with others and help others to grow in their own practice..

At Coastline Yoga you will find a range of group classes to suit all levels. Check out the class types here and the timetable here.



I have always been a mover. Throughout my childhood and teen years I devoted myself to my passion for figure skating. An unusual choice of sport for an Aussie girl, but for a decade of my life, I spent most of my time before or after school practising at the local ice rink; competed at state and national level; and performed in many exhibitions and shows.


After high school I dove into a Bachelor of Law/Arts at the University of Newcastle and found it difficult to juggle my training with full time study. On top of that, I was increasingly struggling with the pressures of competition, self-esteem and confidence. My competition performance was spiralling downward; I was constantly beating myself up internally for failing to perform at my best; and I was losing my passion for the sport into which I put so many years of practice. I made the difficult decision to “hang up my skates” and focus on my studies. 


I began attending yoga classes on and off in my early 20’s as a way to regain some strength and flexibility after I stopped skating. 


When a friend started teaching Power Vinyasa in 2015, I committed to regular practice. I loved my teacher’s challenging classes, the imaginative sequencing and dynamic nature of the practice. I loved that I could put my racing thoughts aside when I arrived on my mat and just breathe and express myself through movement. Most of all, I loved that this practice wasn’t about being perfect, it was just about showing up for myself and doing the best I could do in each moment, perfectly imperfect.


I graduated from university and worked full time as a Paralegal, then as a Solicitor. My regular practice quickly went to the wayside as I started working longer and longer hours and struggled with worsening anxiety. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled at work and I knew that this was a time that I needed my practice the most, but I just kept failing to make it to studio classes. I listened to a podcast about starting a home practice and decided to do yoga at home when I had time. I would write out a plan for each practice in a notebook. My self practice became sacred to me and I realised how much I enjoyed creating flow sequences.


Despite all the years of study, and despite so many years believing I would be happy once I was in a “successful” and respected career, I couldn’t shake a penetrating feeling that I was going down a path that was completely at odds with my values, character and purpose. I began looking online for yoga teacher training options. I followed my gut and decided to take a turn down a new path.


In November 2018, I completed my 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) under the principle instruction of Joseph Berridge of Joga Yoga Training. You can find out more about Joga Yoga Training here. The YTT opened a door to the ancient and endlessly complex tradition and philosophy of yoga and how to live according to principles and values I knew I needed to cultivate in my own experience (for example, non-attachment, loving kindness and compassion). 


After the YTT I knew for certain that I wanted to teach. And here I am now, still building my own practice and education but most importantly sharing it all with a beautiful community of yogis in Merewether. I mainly teach Vinyasa yoga but love to balance out the Yang aspect of Vinyasa with Yin yoga and I have completed my Level 1 Yin teacher training with Truth Robinson, Dr of Chinese Medicine. As a teacher, I endeavour to empower my students to push beyond the barriers that our minds often put up in the face of a challenge or uncomfortable situation. If you can breathe through the practice, you can breathe through the challenges that life throws at you.


I can’t wait to share the practice with you :)

With love and gratitude,

Maddy x



Tucker is my puppy dog (he is a cavalier/spaniel/poodle mix) who has become an integral part of the Coastline Yoga community since I became his mum in October 2021. Tucker loves to come and chill out in the studio and brings a calming vibe and cuddles to our classes. While he loves to bust out a Puppy Pose and an occasional Downward Facing Dog, his favourite pose is Resting Pose (Savasana). You can come and practise with Tucker each week at 5.15pm Friday Chill Flow and he does often makes surprise appearances to other classes! He is the perfect example of how to chill out, find joy in the simple things and he's always happy for a cuddle if you need it.  

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