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Vinyasa is a style of practice in which we connect awareness of the breath to movement and asana (postures). A challenging and invigorating bodyweight practice – you will cultivate strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination as well as conscious awareness in the present moment. The practice fluctuates between moderate and high intensity as we strike a balance between dynamic movement and stability in the body.


Recommended for those who have little or no experience, in this class you will learn foundational yoga postures (asana) with a focus on proper alignment, building strength, flexibility and confidence. We will also explore foundational vinyasa-style sequences in which we connect movement and postures to awareness of the breath.


This is a slow paced vinyasa-style practice in which we connect awareness of the breath to movement and postures. A great class to gently lengthen and strengthen the body through mindful movement and alleviate tension in the body and mind.


This practice is a mix of vinyasa-style dynamic movement and yin-style deep holds and stretches. In this class you will move through periods of a stronger paced vinyasa-style practice interspersed with long and deep stretches and yin-style postures. The practice ebbs and flows in pace and intensity as we seek a balance between effort and ease.


A passive style of yoga in which we hold mainly seated, supine and prone postures for a period of time (usually between 1 and 5 minutes) to access the deep layers of fascia. Yin yoga is great for muscle recovery for athletes and gym-goers, as well as those who would prefer a more passive style of yoga. It’s an amazing practice to help us pause and chill in the midst of our very “yang” lifestyles (i.e many of us live in constant momentum involving work demands, relationship demands etc).


This is the most challenging session on the timetable so be ready to push yourself to the limit! In this class we focus on dynamic repetition of strength-based movements and postures as well as stability and control in the body. Explore difficult and complex movements, arm balances and inversions as well as drills and skills to improve all of the above. The class is interspersed with deep holds so that you can improve your flexibility and recover between bursts of high intensity movement. This class is recommended for experienced practitioners only.


In this class we move with the breath through a series of postures and movements without ever supporting our weight on our hands or upper limbs. This class is great if you have a shoulder or wrist injury, if your upper body is fatigued or if you wish to take a break from all the downdogs, planks and pushups that are prominent in vinyasa-style classes. Be prepared to challenge your legs, core, balance/coordination and hands-free mobility.


Let go of stress from the work week in this chill flow involving gentle movement, stretches and breathwork.

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