A dynamic class in which we synchronise movement to breath. During this class, you will be guided through creative sequences, utilising the breath to transition seamlessly through poses.


An entire body workout, this style of yoga builds strength and flexibility, as well as elevates the heart rate.


Open to all levels, but may be challenging for beginners, so we recommend coming along to some beginners classes or gentle flow classes before diving into vinyasa flow.


This class is highly recommended to those who have never done yoga before, but is also great for people of all levels who would like to refine their practice.


In this class we explore foundational poses with a focus on proper alignment, building strength, flexibility and confidence. You will also be introduced to breath-work, a fundamental element of yoga practice.


A slow paced flow with a focus on deep breathing and mindful movement. This is a great class to gently lengthen and strengthen the body, calm the mind and let stress melt away. Suitable for all levels.


This class incorporates a vinyasa flow for the first half, followed by juicy stretches to access the deep connective tissue and fascia.


In this class you will reap the benefits of both a dynamic, strengthening practice and a more passive, deep stretching practice. All levels welcome.


A passive style of yoga in which we hold mainly seated, supine and prone postures for a period of time (usually between 1 and 5 minutes) to access the deep layers of fascia. Yin yoga is great for muscle recovery for athletes and gym-goers, as well as those who would prefer a more passive style of yoga. It’s an amazing practice to help us pause and chill in the midst of our very “yang” lifestyles (i.e many of us live in constant momentum involving work demands, relationship demands etc).


In this class you will get strong! A fast and challenging skills and drills based class to further develop your full body strength, endurance and flexibility. This class will push you to your limit and build a resilient mind to go beyond what you believe is your limit! Option to stay for Yin straight after this class to cool down and stretch it out after the high intensity of Yoga Strength! This class is suited to those who have practised Vinyasa Flow regularly for at least 3 months.